Thinking of Investment Academy,

understanding right before the actual field

We provides basic knowledge about investment, compare the pros and cons of the opportunities in every investment market and provide basic knowledge of financial planning before investing to maximize your investment. There is also an investment in the portfolios before the real simulation.

Instructors are truly knowledgeable

Our instructors are expert  in a variety of investment instruments by graduating in finance, both domestic and foreign investment. With over 10 years experience in real estate market, we are confident in our knowledge is widely accepted.

Disclose info aspects in a straightforward

The main policy of our Academy is Focus on 360 degree knowledge. Trainees will know all aspects of investment, return and risk. So you get the knowledge right, can be applied to any situation in the world of investment.

Focus on what you can do

The institutional investment model focuses on knowledge, correct understanding and in principle of statistics, probability which is a scientifically proven way.We do not teach you to believe in beliefs that make people madly speculative.

offers individual counseling

Our Academy offers individual counseling (Financial Clinic) at the specified date and time for those who want to enter, get advice on both financial planning and investment to help the participants get the most benefit, training and use successfully.

Training unlimited review

Those who train in Academy investment curriculum can come back to learn and practice the same course all the time, can join the activities of the institution for update more or unlimited investment data

More info.

*** Disclaimer ***

All investments are risky. Investors should study the information well before making any investment decision. Finovation Academy is an Academy that provides financial and investment knowledge only. We not get investment in all cases. There is no duty to recommend and sell any investment units both domestically and internationally or be responsible for the results of your investment but Academy is just a source of knowledge. Investment information and strive to serve the best to educate financial investment openly, honestly, focus on providing decision-making information. Make sure all students understand the full range of risks and risks. This will give the trainees the maximum benefit.

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