Basics II

  • This is a continuation of Basics I which adds a lot of skill to investors to use in strategy to make a profit in the market using the simulation program to gain more insight.
  • The objective is to provide investors with an understanding and self-paced strategy and profitability in the marketplace.
  • Qualifications of trainees : Those who have already completed the Basics I course.
  • Number of people per class 10-15 per class
  • Number of days throughout the course 1 day (7 hours in morning and afternoon)

Morning session 09.00-12.00 is a lecture to build understanding and learn more about strategy techniques than the Basics I course.

Afternoon session 13.00-17.00 is a practice that will allow students to experiment with self-directed strategies with personal instructor guidance

  • Training Activities Simulation programs are used to generate more insights.
  • Receive documentations and trainee have to bring their own laptop.
  • Instructor Khun Krisan Ruangsakul and Team

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