Are you interested in online stock trading and learn how to buy and trade stocks? Have you ever wondered how to buy shares online? Finnovation Academy is one of the most successful company to help people to learn about stock markets,  trading stocks and smart investing strategies. When you buy a stock you are the owner of a trading company in the stock exchange. Due to the popularity and the information available in the past, the stock market is the perfect place for new investors or investors to find good stocks and start trading. It is important to start giving investors an insight into market shares and trading methods. Trading on the stock market also provides useful experience for trading other assets such as Futures or Forex. Individual Investment Exchange Program allows you to start investing and trading stocks with confidence and systematic planning.

Stock Courses

Beginner  stock courses

What you will learn in this course.

1. What is a stock?

2. How does the stock reward you?

3. What is the stock price going down?

4. Stock Cycle (Basic)

5. Trend analysis of stocks (Basic)

6. Buying stock for beginners


Topics in stock trading

1. How are the shares traded?

2. How to view bid-offer

3. Introduction to trading programs.

Advance Course

Chapter 1

– What are the stock analysis?

– Introducing stock analysis with a technical chart (essentially)

– Introduce a program to analyze technical graph.

Chapter 2

– Learn about the trend of stocks (Advance)

– Learn Advance Cycle (Advance)

– Strategic trading in shares.

Chapter 3 Tools to Find Shares


– Vol and Value

– VA

– Fibo

Chapter 4: How to Find Stocks

– Speculation

– Play around

– In the long run

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